Harry W. Ilaria
10 Little Tarn Court
Hardyston, NJ 07419

Created and marketed a series of multimedia CD-ROM software packages. Titles include the Corvette Anthology, the Mustang Anthology, the Camaro Anthology and others. All were written using Visual Basic 6.0 and several other authoring tools. Work was authorized by and under license from General Motors and Ford Motor Company and Chrysler. Please visit www.htsoftware.com for additional information concerning these titles.

Designed and created several web sites utilizing Microsoft FrontPage 2002, ASP, several graphics packages and other technologies.

     www.htsoftware.com – This is my site.

     www.QSAReports.com - A company specializing in inspections for the insurance industry.

     www.ARCLead.com - Applied Research Corporation is a global management consulting firm offering client organizations   a  unique blend in the best thinking in behavioral science with the best practices in contemporary business.

     www.TheMulchDepot.com - A Morris County, NJ company offering mulch, topsoil, decorative stones, landscape plants and other services to the residential and commercial community.

     www.NortheastHomeWorks.com - The web site of one of the finest home renovation and refurbishing companies serving Northern New Jersey.

     www.Tri-Chevy.com - Ed's Tri-Chevy offers parts and accessories for 1955 through 1957 Chevrolets as well as restoration and other services.

Contract: Quinn Service Agency:
Performed modifications and enhancements to Quinn Invoicing and Billing system. Involved was the conversion of the existing system from Access 2.0 to Access 97 (8.0) on an NT server platform servicing 6 clients. Modifications were then applied to the new versions with the addition of new queries, forms, reports and tables.

Contract: ON-Board Engineering:
Engaged as a "hands-on" project leader to oversee a small team of technicians (5) to complete, enhance and debug a Consultant Time Tracking and Client Invoicing system. The effort required in-depth use of Access 97 on client PCs running Windows 95 and Windows NT with the server side running Windows NT. The effort required extensive query building, VBA coding and reporting. Also involved creation of import/export routines to interact with other Microsoft applications.

Contract: Applied Research Corporation:
Designed and authored a PC laptop based business management role simulation system. The effort required building a MS Access 97 database system to store and create various business management scenarios to be presented to a Visual Basic 6.0 program which simulates a business day. The VB portion runs on the laptop computer of a participant in a Business Management Simulation session conducted by Applied Simulations Corporation for various clients. This program presents a simulated business day issuing various events such as emails, voice mails, in-box documents, multimedia presentations etc. at random and pre-disposed times during the session. The responses and actions of the participant are recorded for subsequent analysis and reporting via the MS Access portion of the system by the session administrators.

Other Accomplishments:
Author of several software packages written to run on the PC. Most notable is COSTAR, a COBOL re-engineering tool which reformats and restructures COBOL source code into a neat, readable format. This package facilitates maintenance and re-engineering efforts by introducing coding standards such as paragraph numbering and column uniformity. It was used extensively to aid in the Year 2000 "bug" fix initiatives.

Consultant, New Jersey Transit, 5/99 – 2/00:
Performed various analytical and programming functions to enhance and functionally improve their ‘Troubledesk" railroad problem recording system. Effort included the use of Visual Basic 5.0/6.0 and Oracle 7.3.

Consultant, Merrill Lynch, 3/98 – 6/98:
Responsible for the functional design, graphical design, coding, testing and implementation of an Intranet MS-FrontPage 98 user feedback and registration system. This system is used to track the performance and timelines of desktop PC repairs and enhancements. The database was an ODBC data source using Access 97. The system resided on an in-house MS Windows NT server running IIS.

Consultant, Hewlett Packard, 10/97 - 3/98:
Responsible for the system design, graphical design, coding, testing, implementation and user training for a salesperson incentive awards system.

This project involved building an Intranet web site using Microsoft FrontPage 98, designing and building an ODBC data source database using Microsoft Access 97, and developing a front end processor using Microsoft Visual Basic.

The web site was designed to incorporate IDC (Internet Database Connectivity) queries and updates using ODBC against the Microsoft Access 97 database residing on an in-house Microsoft Windows NT server running IIS (Internet Information Server). The graphic designs used on the web were created using several graphics packages such as Adobe Photo Shop, Corel Draw, Microsoft Image Composer and Paint Shop Pro.

Consultant, Bell Atlantic/NYNEX Mobile Enterprises, 1/92 - 8/97:
Responsible for the initial installation, acceptance testing, then subsequent maintenance and support of the Cincinnati Bell message processing system. During this effort, nearly all programs were significantly modified or replaced. Many new interfaces, reports and other programs were developed. Activities included contact with users and support staff at other regional companies as well as the national clearinghouse.

Participated in the maintenance of ACTION, a cellular customer information and billing system. Modified numerous programs based on changing customer requirement. Participated in further system enhancements and testing.

Utilized COBOL/COBOL II, JCL, VSAM and DB2 under MVS on an IBM mainframe, and Micro Focus COBOL and Workbench on PCs for development and testing.

Prior to 1992

Was involved in all aspects of mainframe programming and system design using Cobol, Cobol II, MVS, JCL, IMS, TSO etc. for the following companies:

Prudential Securities

Hoechst Pharmaceutical Corporation

Bell Atlantic/NYNEX Mobile

Lockheed Electronics

Interpace Corporation



McDonnell Douglas Automation

Horizon Bank

Westinghouse Elevator

Chemical Bank

U.S. Army (GI), Fort Monmouth, NJ

Dell Publishing

U.S. Army (GI), Picatinney Arsenal, NJ