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 Why You Need A Web Site!

Why does my small business need a web site?

That is the questions asked by many small business owners. As the owner of a small business ourselves it was a question we had to ask of ourselves when we first made the move in to cyberspace. On the rest of this page you will see some of the questions we had to ask ourselves, along with some of the answers we discovered along the way. Also, find out why you should choose HI-Tech Software to build your web site.

What is a web site good for?


You know how important advertising is to your business. But think about where you advertise and how costly it is. Your web site gets delivered 24 hours a day all around the world. The Internet is some of the most cost efficient advertising you can buy. With a web site you can have as much information displayed to your customers as you want. Itís the only way to go nowadays, and with HI-Tech Software we can get you started.

Customer Service

How many times per day do you or a member of your staff answer the phone and give the exact same information, over-and-over? Things like directions, hours of operation, etc. A well-designed web site can provide "friendly" customer service with answers to the most common questions. Web sites are also visual. It gives customers choice, and power to move freely as well as a feel for your business. The customer doesnít have to wait on the phone to listen to a recording or hopefully a person to talk to. They feel as though they are in control when they are gathering information from your web site. They decide what information they are going to bring up and when they want it. And they can go back to it and reread it any time they want. Whether you are a retail business with products to sell on-line or a service business, a web site can not only improve your sales, but it can reduce your costs.

Common Questions

How do I get started?

Fill out our form and after you receive our free quote, sign and send with needed deposit to get started. We will register your domain name or your choice (if it is available) at your request and set up your hosting needs. Then send us any and all of your advertisement pages, brochures, logos, business card, letterhead, and needed text information that you want on the site. You have better things to do. We do it all for you!

Do I need a computer?
No, but you should to give your customers the best service. One of the biggest misconceptions we run into is clients who think that they need their own computer hooked up to the Internet 24 hours a day in order to have a web site. You don't need a computer at all,. HI-Tech Software has its own computers for designing and monitoring your site.

What about E-mail?

You don't need an E-mail account to have a web site, but we highly recommend it. If you don't have an E-mail account or access to the Internet, you can get a free E-mail account from companies like Juno. But if you have a domain name hosted with HI-Tech Software and have access to the internet, you will have your own E-mail accounts that will be on your own Domain host that will take full advantage of your Internet presence. By having an E-mail account and responding to messages you can take full advantage of your web site, to develop new customers and provide service to existing customers.

What is a "Virtual Domain Name" and do I need one?
Web sites have addresses just like the street address or P.O. box for your business. It is how people find your site on the Internet. For example, your site would be called " You would pay a $20 per year fee to the administration service of the Internet known as BulkRegister to keep this name, just like a P.O. box fee.

You should have your own unique domain name. But if you are not ready to build a web site yet, but would like to reserve the name, we can register the name for you and park the name for you for only $25 per year. There is a $50 fee for setting up and registering the name the first time you register it and it is good for two years. You will receive a bill from us for $50 to reserve your unique name for the first 2 years, then you will receive an annual bill for $240 ($20 per month) to keep your name registered.

Who will see my site?
In our experience, the answer to that question is everyone! People from all walks of life use it. Even senior citizens surf the net. There are many options out there for Internet access and now available at incredible speeds through local cable services. The Internet is going to make giant strides in the next decade. Many people who may not have Internet access at home have it available through their computers at work.

How will people find my site?
There are many ways people will see your site. The Internet has its own white and yellow page directories called search engines. These include such popular search engines such as Yahoo, AltaVista, WebCrawler and others. Different search engines index web sites in a different manner and there are different search indexes for different types of web sites. There are also local and regional directories that only list sites within their area. Specialty items can be advertised with link pages, message boards and web rings, so that other people can view those categories of interest.

The other important way people will find your site is when you tell them about it. You should treat your Internet address and E-mail address as though it was as important as your telephone number. Print it on everything from yellow page ads, envelopes, business cards, stationery, brochures, marketing materials, and all print ads. Get Your web site address out there for all to know and see.

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